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안녕하세요! I'm Lauran a crazy 18 year old artist from England. I am studying interactive media at CCAD and I want to become a comic artist and character designer. I like K pop. my bais are Siwon and ken. I'm an E.L.F and a ST★RLIGHT! I sing and my favourite music is heavy metal but I'm open to anything. I like dark stuff too. I am a huge fan of Harley Quinn's hehe. I LOVE OWLS!! I love talking to new people so hay, SEND ME AN ASK! XD.I reblog what I want.

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when people start harassing yer internet friends


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me 24/7

me 24/7

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Me and Bobby are going out for a meal .. aww :3

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Chipsprites Plays Pokémon Emerald // Current Team ۞ ~


Chipsprites Plays Pokémon Emerald // Current Team ۞ ~

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I have theory about Onew



So I think Onew used to be an angel, but he tripped over something in heaven or rolled off the cloud while sleeping and that’s how he ended up among humans. 

seems legit

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264/∞ VIXX FACTS || ©


264/ VIXX FACTS || ©

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Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy by Dustin Nguyen


Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy by Dustin Nguyen

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To anyone that is complaining that the South Korean ferry incident is delaying their favourite group’s comeback: Grow up.


This incident is a horrific and tragic one, and one that idol groups and their companies are paying respect to by not taking attention away from by making their comebacks or releasing material. Respect the seriousness of this situation. This is the time to give your thoughts and prayers for all of those people on board that ferry, and their grieving and anxious families. This isn’t the time to fangirl over oppa’s new haircut. 

YES! PREACH IT!! sick of seeing people moaning about it.

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140417 G-Dragon’s Twitter Update

140417 G-Dragon’s Twitter Update

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